The Idea Hub

With a dream of a time when every youth of India will look up to the new generation of CEO’s and Entrepreneurs as their modern day rock stars, LPU Startup School is on a mission to provide a platform to these young brains.

Idea Hub is an initiative which connects LPU Startup School to the students who are trying to work on a Business Idea. This hub brings together these young brains and train them towards the next step of developing their idea.

Idea Hub is here to water the ‘Ideas’ in the bud and help them bloom into impactful endeavors.We are here to support the aspiring entrepreneurs of the future and also to drive-in the real sense of ‘entrepreneurship’ in those, who are new to this enticing word.

Submit Your Idea

Submit your idea in the prescribed format in the form provided below with 6 detailed questions


LPU Startup school will have a one-to-one counselling sessions with each idea submission.

Develop the Idea

Take Workshop or Course by LPU Startup School to Develop the idea further before launching

Idea Submission

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The Ideas described below shall be visible only to the management team of LPU Startup School. These Ideas for the sake of confidentiality would not be shared with anyone else other than the submitting person.