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Join new Innovative courses to learn Entrepreneurship as part of your regular Curriculum., A creative way of Problem Solving, If you don't build your dream, someone else will hire you to build their's, Build a tower of Success over the Foundations laid by your Family,Be Your Own Boss

About The Course

Entrepreneurship is a mindset of problem solving which is in high on demand across the Industry today. Whether you want to start your company or you want to learn entrepreneurial skill to boost your career and dive into entrepreneurship later in career, LPU is introducing Entrepreneurial courses across all Schools which will equip you for the same.

For the current students across the University we are introducing 4 new courses for the students of LPU to choose from. These courses will replace a few subjects in your regular curriculum and would get integrated and reflect in your timetable -

  1. Design Thinking and Innovation (Regular Weekday Course )
  2. Entrepreneurship Development (Weekend Course)
  3. Family Business Program (Weekend Course)
  4. Boot Camp (Weekend Course)

Who are Eligible?

Every student would find himself/herself eligible for at least one out of these four courses. Please read the eligibility details very carefully in the attached document.


  1. These are practical course with only 30% theory and 70% practical Hands on.
  2. The evaluation of these courses is based upon assignments/project/presentation.
  3. You will get to learn some innovative methods of problem solving on a few patented tools.
  4. The course would be mentioned on the Transcripts with appropriate Credits.
  5. 50 Hours of Duty Leave for Weekend Courses.

It's not about Ideas, it's about making them happen

Join the Entrepreneurship Pathway

Course Details

Features Option-I Option-II Option-III Option-IV
Design Thinking & Innovation Entrepreneurship Development Family Business Boot Camp
Integration with Curriculum For year 2018 course would be offered as honours course to students:
  1. MBA Students in Term – 1
  2. BBA students in Term 1
For year 2018 course would be offered as ‘Open Minor’ course to all students in the University who have:
  1. first open minor input starts in Term – 1 of 2018 – 19
  2. first open elective input starts in Term – 1 of 2018 – 19
Offered as Pathway Program to all students who have:
  1. First input of the pathway in Term1 of 2018 or later.
For year 2018 course would be offered as ‘Open Minor’ course to all students in the University who have:
  1. first open minor input starts in Term – 1 of 2018 – 19
  2. first open elective input starts in Term – 1 of 2018 – 19
Offered as Pathway Program to all students
  1. First input of the pathway in Term1 of 2018 or later
Offered as an Out of the Curriculum Program for all other students. Benefits:
  1. It would be integrated with your curriculum if you later choose Entrepreneurship as a pathway.
  2. For example, if you are a B.Tech Student you can do this course in your first term also. It would be considered in the Entrepreneurship Pathway in your 5th term
Who should Join Anyone who would want to study in detail about an industry or a domain they are passionate about, find problems faced by them and then work on resolving them. They would learn and ingrain a thought process of a problem solver and an innovator like Steve Jobs. Anyone who wishes to understand and Explore Entrepreneurship as a career option and would want to start a side business or a regular Full-time business. Anyone who has a family business and would want to learn how to modernize their Current Business, Add new verticals to the current Business or Explore new avenues to scale their family business. If you are already working on a business idea, or a capstone project which you believe has a large commercial viability. This program will help you quickly take your product/service to the market and scale it
Learnings Expected (Reference Examples) You would learn to generate innovative ideas and work on their implementation either with an industry or by yourself. For Example
  1. If you are interested in Automobile, you might create a product which can harness wind energy while the automobile is in motion to charge the battery.
  2. You might create a complete business model for offering organic vegetables and fruits directly from farm to the customer’s house or office.
For Example
  1. If you want to start a coffee house – this course will help you identify the location for your business, how reach out to your customer, what experience you need to build in and how to manage your finances etc.
  2. In case you want to set up a Food processing plant – This course would help you identify statutory requirements, identify various government schemes you can avail and the process of availing it and identify the markets for your product while assisting you in building a brand for your business
If your family owns a cloth shop then depending upon your goal you would be able to work on any or all of the following -
  1. How do you make it into a Garment Shop? Or
  2. How do you add in more verticals like kids/Men or winter wear/summer wear etc
  3. Explore new avenues like Footwear/Bags etc.
You will be able to
  1. Identify the right customer segment
  2. Create a value proposition or a customer sales pitch
  3. Identify the resources needed to build business
  4. Create a basic working prototype of your product/service.
  5. Test your product in the market and work on a scaling strategy.
Intake Maximum 50 Students in every School Entrepreneurship Pathway: Total 5 – 100 students
Family Business Pathway: Total 5 – 60 students
Pre Incubation & Boot Camp Pathway: Total 1 – 40 students
Time of Offering The courses will start after mid-term.
Application Process Step 1: Application: From 21st Sept 2018 To 26th Sept 2018
Step 2: Aptitude Test: From 22nd Sept 2018 To 27th Sept 2018
Step 3: Interview: From 24th Sept 2018 To 27th Sept 2018
For finally selected candidates, the re-polling for Open Minors/Electives and Pathways would be done.
How to Apply For application for Family Business Program and Boot Camp please Apply Here
For selected Candidates the Open Minors, Open Electives and Pathways will open up for all eligible students on 29th Sept 2018. Last date of applying is – 26th Sept 2018.
Classes Schedule Regular Classes in the slots of Open Minor/Elective Weekend Classes on Saturday and Sunday
Classes Schedule A provision of 50 Hours of Duty leave for all students who are part of this course. Duty leaves to be added at the end of the term

Application Form


  1. This Application has 12 sections and it will take 15 to 25 minutes to fill this application form.
  2. Please carefully ready UMS announcements or Course Details before filling up the form to understand the eligibility.
  3. Kindly carefully read before answering questions.
  4. In case of any clarification, connect with your E-Coach or write to

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